Musical Pillars

One of the most impressive  structures in the Vittala temple  is the SAREGAMA pillars

Architect Tactic

The entire city of Hampi is built of granite stones. The artists of that time had an interesting strategy to cut stones and turn them into works of art

The Name and theAge 

The historical record of Hampi dates back to the 1st century. It is derived from Pampa, the old name of Tungabhadra river

The Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum in the town has a huge model of the entire town of Vizianagaram

 Relics of Ramayana

The Hazara Ram Temple in Hampi contains historical artifacts and fossils said to be from the time of Lord Rama and Krishna

 Naughty Baby Elephant

On entering the second gopura on the left side of the Virupaksha temple; A baby elephant appears. If given a rupee coin, the elephant collects it with its trunk and kisses it on the head as a blessing

 The Inverted Tower

Behind the main sanctum of the temple is a dark room with a small opening in the wall. When the sun's rays pass through this opening and fall on the west wall, the inverted main tower appears as a shadow in the picture

Foodie Ganesha Statue

The special feature here is the statue of Lord Ganesha with a snake tied around his belly to prevent it from bursting

The Royal Enclosure

There is an enclosure zone with rich remains of the royal life of the Vijayanagara Empire. This royal enclosure is spread over an area of 59,000 square meters

Hampi Bazaar

In front of Virupaksha Temple is a kilometer long street called Hampi Bazaar. The street is a good place for a morning stroll with beautiful views on either side of it