Chain Mail Glove

This is a chain mail glove. In the 1800s, before holding sharp objects, this glove was worn over the index finger. Also known as mail gloves, oyster gloves"

Space 69 People

Canberra transport officials have made an effort to find out how much space 69 people would take up on the road if they walked, cycled, bused or traveled in cars.

Angel's Glow

In the American Civil War in 1862, the soldiers were injured in the rain mud for 2 days. Then the glowing bacteria called Angel's Glow healed their wounds."

River's Clock Tower

"This clock in New York will turn back and count down. Once it reaches zero... there will be no chance of correcting the effect of geothermal damage. It will be zero in six years from now."

RAF Tornado and UFO

This photo was taken in Scotland in 1990. Strange UFO hovers next to RAF Tornado fighter jet. A police officer has released this photo related to this incident.

Mainichi Newspaper

""In Japan, after reading a small newspaper, it is enough to throw it on the ground and it will turn into a plant. They are making it with seeds, leaves and flowers. 50 lakh copies are sold every day."

CT Scanner

"This is a CT scanner. It looks like this without the cover on top."


"This is Athens, Greece in 1839"

Burning Man Festival

"Burning Man Festival is held annually in the desert of Nevada, USA. To see it all, you have to see it from the sky. Millions of people participate in this festival.

Niagara Falls 

1911 Niagara Falls between America and Canada was completely frozen