'Bigg Boss' beauty Ashureddy appeared as a Telugu girl for the first time.

Shining in a silk saree, she is mesmerizing the netizens.

It has suddenly turned into a devotee and shows spirituality.

Ashu Reddy, who is always hot, has recently made an appearance as a beautiful Telugu woman in a silk saree.

It must be said that this is the first time that Ashureddy Reddy is seen in a saree.

She showed her spirituality during the Varalakshmi Vatram held at Ashureddy's house.

In this sequence, she appeared in a red silk saree full of Telugu style.

At the same time, she also posed for photos.

She shared those photos with her fans.

Once they see Ashureddy in a traditional look, they are mesmerized by her beauty. They want it to look like this before.