If you don't have a budget then there is no need to stress. Airline company Flybig has introduced a special offer for passengers. Just Rs. 999 fares can be availed.

Nowadays airlines are constantly taking such offers to increase the number of passengers. Previously, AirAsia, Go First and VietJet also provided the opportunity to travel with the lowest fares.

Flybig has announced a special offer in India's regional aviation sector. The airline is offering tickets from Rs 999 to Rs 3,000 to passengers in the Flybig Festive Sale. 

According to the details of the airlines, a total of 10 thousand tickets have been offered in this sale. This sale started today i.e. 14th July. Sale closes on July 20.  

At present, Guwahati to Pasighat, Guwahati to Rupsi tickets are being given at 999 each. At the same time Guwahati to Teju, Hyderabad to Gondia can now be traveled for just 1500 rupees.  

Indore to Gondia and Hyderabad to Aurangabad tickets are available for just Rs 2000.

Earlier, AirAsia had brought an offer to fly for around Rs.1500.

The airline offered this offer for domestic routes like Delhi-Jaipur.  

On the other hand, GoFirst under a special scheme which ran from July 7 to July 10, offering tickets at a starting price of Rs. Rs. 15,000.

 At the same time, VietJet launched a scheme to fly abroad for just 26 rupees. It is valid till July 13. The airline has kept the flight duration from 15 August 2022 to 26 March 2023.