Yuvraj and Ritika were childhood friends, and Yuvraj introduced Ritika to Rohit Sharma.

Yuvraj initially disapproved of Ritika and Rohit's relationship because he thought Rohit was not serious about her.

Yuvraj threatened Rohit to stay away from Ritika because he was worried about her getting hurt.

Rohit Sharma respected Yuvraj's opinion and kept his distance from Ritika for a while.

 Yuvraj and Rohit's friendship suffered a strain during this period

Ritika was caught in the middle of the conflict between Yuvraj and Rohit.

Rohit eventually won Yuvraj's trust and the two reconciled.

Yuvraj was the best man at Rohit and Ritika's wedding

Yuvraj played a pivotal role in bringing Ritika and Rohit back together after a brief split.

Yuvraj is the godfather of Ritika and Rohit's daughter, Samaira.

Yuvraj and Rohit are now close friends again, and Yuvraj often posts pictures with Rohit and his family on social media.

Yuvraj's mother was also against Ritika and Rohit's relationship initially but later warmed up to Ritika.

 Ritika is a sports manager and has managed Yuvraj and Rohit's endorsements in the past.

Yuvraj and Rohit have played together for the Indian cricket team and have shared many on-field moments together.

Yuvraj's threatening behavior towards Rohit was out of concern and love for Ritika, and he is now happy to see them together.