Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) personnel coordinate air support for ground troops, often while in the middle of combat, and can be targeted by enemy fire.

Special Forces Divers are responsible for conducting underwater operations, such as demolitions, reconnaissance, and underwater search and rescue.

Scout Snipers are tasked with providing long-range reconnaissance and precision fire support for ground troops, often from concealed positions.

Combat Pilots operate in some of the most dangerous environments in the world, flying fighter jets and helicopters in combat zones.

Pararescue Jumpers (PJ) are specially trained to rescue injured personnel in dangerous or hostile environments, including behind enemy lines.

 Infantry Soldiers engage in ground combat with the enemy, putting their lives on the line in close-quarters combat.

Forward Observers (FOs) are responsible for directing artillery and air support onto enemy targets, which can put them in harm's way.

Combat Medics must be trained to provide medical care in a combat environment, often while under fire.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel are often tasked with high-risk missions, such as direct action, reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians have one of the most dangerous military jobs, as they are responsible for disarming and disposing of explosives.