The name given to the traditional look is 'Dhee' beauty, actress Poorna.

Kerala beauty and actress Purna looks very beautiful in traditional attire.

She is impressing with her special appearance on the silver screen as an actress and as a judge on the small screen.

This beauty, who is entertaining the Telugu audience by acting in a series of films, is also increasing her social media fan following.

On the one hand, she is taking advantage of the offers coming to her and on the other hand, giving judgment in her own style, she is increasing the craze.

Poorna is also in touch with her fans on social media.

To this extent, the internet is buzzing by doing a series of photoshoots.

Recently appeared in a traditional look.

She looks beautiful like a beautiful Telugu girl in a traditional dress.

Recently shared photos of Purna in lehenga Voni are impressing the netizens.