Just like in Hindu or Indian Mythology Narayana is often considered as the God of mysterious strength, Naraenten according to Japanese belief is the possessor of unusual physical strength. He is also named Bichuten.

Both of these goddesses are worshipped as providers of fertility, beauty, and happiness.

In Hinduism Garuda is a divine bird-like creature. Similarly, in Shinto, the Karura is an enormous fire-breathing creature.

They are worshipped as deities or Gods of fortunate guards, warriors and they also punish the wrongdoers or criminals.

Kangiten of Japanese Mythology is an elephant-headed God, just like Ganesha of Indian mythology.

Apsara of Hindu mythology is a kind of female spirit of waters and clouds. There are two kinds of apsaras – daivika or divine and laukika or worldly. Some of the most known apsaras of Hindu mythology are Urvasi, Menaka, Rambha, and Tilottama. Tennis of Japanese mythology is a divine type of spiritual being that is similar to the nymphs, angels, and fairies.

Taishakuten and Indra are similar gods of both the mythologies riding the elephant.

Daikoku which is the form of Mahakala in Hindu Mythology.

Both Benzaiten and Saraswati of Japanese and Indian mythology respectively are regarded as the goddess of eloquence, intellect, speech, knowledge, and music.

Enma of Japanese mythology is an expression of fury and is believed to be the head of hell and judge of crimes, just like Yama or Yamaraj of Indian mythology.