Vasavi Shakti

Vasavi Shakti belongs to Indra and has the power and determination to kill anyone against whom it is wielded. It was lent to Karna for a one-time use and he saved it to kill Arjuna.


Vajra is the most powerful weapon of Indra and is made from the backbone of sage Dadhichi. In the story, Indra used the weapon to kill the demon Vritra.


The only way to counter a weapon is to disarm it. If not, give up! Drona, his son and Krishna learned about the weapon.


Brahmastra is very rare. Despite having many gods and goddesses, it is used only once in the epic Mahabharata.


This weapon was used by Arjuna for protection against Ashwatthama Pandavas. When nuclear fallout occurs, sages Narada and Vyasa are ordered to contain the impact.


Pasupatastra belongs to Lord Shiva and is considered indestructible. It can destroy any creation. Use against humans is prohibited.


King Kausika then summoned sage Vishwamitran to a conflict against sage Vasishta. Brahmadanda was swallowed as a weapon and acted as a nuclear shield.

      Sudarshana Chakra

This weapon belonged to Vishnu and was once used by Krishna to destroy Sisupala in Yudhishthira's Rajasuya yajna.


It is the most powerful weapon of Lord Shiva, the god of destruction. It was also used to break off Ganesha's original head.


The most powerful weapon possessed by the God of Destruction is yet another powerful weapon and that is the mind.