Twitter users are claiming that they still have their blue verification badges despite not paying for them.

The blue checkmark on Twitter signifies a verified account, but it was previously only granted to public figures and celebrities.

Twitter opened up verification to everyone in 2021, but the process requires users to apply and meet specific criteria.

Some users are suggesting that Twitter's verification process may be flawed if they were verified without paying or meeting the requirements.

Twitter has not yet commented on the claims made by users who still have their blue checks without paying.

Some Twitter users are speculating that the blue checkmark may be tied to engagement levels or account activity.

The blue checkmark can increase an account's credibility and visibility, making it a valuable asset for influencers and brands.

Some users are concerned that having an unearned blue checkmark could undermine the credibility of verified accounts on Twitter.

It is unclear how widespread the issue is or if Twitter will take any action to address it.

The controversy over unearned blue verification badges highlights the importance of transparency and fairness in social media platforms.