The deep sea is home to some of the weirdest creatures on the planet.

The blobfish, often referred to as the "world's ugliest fish," lives in the depths of the ocean.

The vampire squid, with its red eyes and webbed arms, is named for its blood-like coloring and eerie appearance.

The goblin shark has a protruding snout and can shoot its jaw forward to catch prey.

The anglerfish has a lure on its head that it uses to attract prey.

The frilled shark has a snake-like body and rows of needle-like teeth.

The fangtooth fish has long, sharp teeth that make up a significant portion of its body.

The dumbo octopus has ear-like fins and a rounded body that resembles the Disney character.

The hatchetfish has a unique body shape that helps it camouflage in the water.

The gulper eel has a large, expandable mouth that it uses to swallow prey whole.