The Death Railway in Thailand is known for its dangerous curves and steep drops that have caused numerous accidents.

The Tren a las Nubes in Argentina is a high-altitude train that reaches heights of over 13,000 feet, making it prone to altitude sickness and extreme weather conditions.

The Roof of the World Express in Tibet crosses precarious bridges and traverses steep mountain passes in a region known for its extreme weather conditions.

The Central Line in Nigeria is notorious for its frequent derailments and overcrowding.

The White Pass and Yukon Route in Alaska features steep cliffs and narrow passages, earning it the nickname "the railway built on gold and bones."

The Ferrocarril de los Altos in Guatemala is a narrow-gauge railway that winds through steep mountains and deep ravines, with a history of derailments and landslides.

The Devil's Nose Train in Ecuador descends a near-vertical slope with sharp turns, often with passengers riding on the roof of the train.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway in Australia features steep inclines and narrow passes through the dense rainforest, with a history of accidents and derailments.

The Georgetown Loop Railroad in Colorado includes sharp turns and steep inclines that require skilled engineers to navigate safely.

The Nariz del Diablo in Ecuador is a treacherous mountain pass with a steep incline and sharp curves, earning it the reputation as one of the most dangerous train routes in the world.